Kitchen Water Cutter

by Ali Zahedi Nejad
(Shiraz, Fars, Iran)

Kitchen Water Cutter

Kitchen Water Cutter

Kitchen Water Cutter
Kitchen Water Cutter Hook Up

Introducing device: Kitchen water cutter can be used for cutting, grinding, drilling and for peel fruits, cutting hard shell of many fruits, removing or cutting the skin of chicken, fish and meat without use of electrical energy.

It employs municipal tap water for providing energy. The device can be connected and fixed to a kitchen faucet. The instantaneous power consumption of these devices is very high.

In each of the applications of cutting, harvesting and drilling just a few seconds is required for energy absorption to reach the required energy level. This advantage has been amplified by using a shocking gear box with ratio around 3:1. The device has adequate power for a kitchen where water pipeline pressure is 3 bar and higher.

Device performance: water flow in home pipelines is in the range of 2 to 3 bars. With this pressure the micro- extractor rotates at a rate of 5,000 to 7,500 rpm and uniformly store energy with the rate of seven to ten Watts. With a well -designed mechanical configuration, the device can achieve to the desired level of energy in few seconds to handle cutting, drilling and extraction.

Main components: Shocking gearbox with ratio 3 to 1, micro-extractor, cutting tools, liquid detergent reservoir, flow regulator valve, connections.

Validations: The device has fully simulated in dynamic, fluid flow and energy. Experimental studies have performed to study energy absorption and dynamic behavior during cutting a wooden prototype with a model of micro-extractor with 7.5 cm diameter. Considering energy conversion, fluid flow, fluid-structure interaction, and dynamic behavior the numerical simulations has been completely in agreement with experiments with less than 5 % error. The final prototype is exist in CAD format and it has been simulated numerically with modern design tools while has not manufactured totally.

Suggestions: The device was developed individually and independently, the detail of this idea, experimental data of high performance micro propeller, simulation data and CAD files of device can be transported with email according to Invent partner's rules to the company that invites (directly or indirectly) inventor of this product for contraction.

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