Kid Inventor in Training

by Eric
(Canton, Ohio)

My son, Brett, is 9 years old and wants to be an inventor in the worst way. I was wondering if you ever have children come in and see what it takes to become an inventor?
Is it possible for us to sit down and spend 20 minutes or so with someone so that my son can see what process an inventor goes through?


I am glad to hear that your son has an interest in inventing. My own kids are interested as well. Sometimes we try to invent new product ideas together. It is surprising what they can come up with sometimes.

Unfortunately there is no place that you can go to see inventors in action. Inventors come from all walks of life but there is not a place that you could see them on display.

Your son might be interested in some of the Edison museums around the country. They usually have movies and many of his creations that tell the story of a true American inventor.

One other resource that might be of some help is the website This is all about helping kid inventors. I think your son will enjoy the site.

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