Intelligent Wheelchair Capable of Climbing Stairs

by Aslan Khani Sheikhrajab

picture of whellchair

picture of whellchair

1 - stair climbing to be quite an intelligent image processing system to a height of 25 cm

2 - Crossing the Bridge to the pit or pits or raceway without having a width of 80 cm to be quite an intelligent image processing system

3 - Raising a disabled wheelchair seat height to the height of about one meter every time a disabled person wants to move in the same state

4 - The final speed of 27 kilometers per hour (as a vehicle for disabled people )

5 - Handling very easy ( the wheelchair for easy disassembly and separate into 8 pieces and includes a removable passenger car

6 - wheelchair batteries charged by solar batteries

7-Control system via manual control system and image process auto controlling and computer-brain interface system

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