Intelligent system for detecting tooth decay using piezo vibration and 100% accuracy

by Aslan Khani Sheykh Rajab

detecting tooth decay using piezo vibration

detecting tooth decay using piezo vibration

Always Special attention has been paid to the accurate diagnosis of dental caries in dentistry.

To detect dental caries At the occlusal levels via The perfect mirror And at interdental levels The use of radiographs of Bytewing.

In addition to the cost of Preparing radiographs, It expands the patient to x-rays, which itself has multiple complications.

Different radiographic systems are one of the main diagnostic tools in dentistry.

As a result of an increase in the number of illnesses resulting from laser imaging that is the result of this radiation , And the increase in radiation damage to humans.

The best way to detect with 100% accuracy And without zero percentages, To improve the quality of decay detection and Renounce all the problems listed , Decided to design got this device.

The complications and problems of radiographic systems:

**Diseases of the skin and cancer caused by x-rays for dentists and patients

**Physical complications for pregnant women in embryos

**High cost in the preparation and maintenance of radiographic equipment

**Lack of accurate diagnosis of decay (detection of up to 60%) Or the separation of amalgam from the tooth (detecting up to 25%) in the restorative tooth By radiography devices

**Detection of decay (detection 0%) or separation of amalgam substance from the tooth in restorative tooth by oral sensors

** Specific objectives of the project

1. Record the waves from healthy teeth
2. Record the waves from the teeth with 0.5 mm cavities
3. Record waves from teeth with 1 mm cavities
4. Record waves from 1.5 mm cavities
5. Record waves from teeth with 2 mm cavities
6. Compare the two primitive groups together
7. Record radiographs of sample teeth
8. Review the synchronization of radiographic images with the designed model

** Applied Schemes

• Possibility of examining tooth decay in pregnant women and the elderly

• Facilitating the examination of dental caries and studying the separation of amalgam from the tooth in restored teeth, don't need to go to radiographic centers And exposure to laser radiation (Notably, the most advanced X-ray devices are not able to do it)

• High accuracy of detection than radiography devices up to 100% accuracy of detection
• Cheaper prices, so all dentists will be able to buy this device

• Because of its low cost of service, it does not cost much, and it's a welfare for patients

• Avoiding time to go to the radiography clinic and returning to the dentist's office.

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