by Zachary Lee Brown
(Corvallis, Oregon)

IDentify Summary:

Active surveillance of your door peephole. This device would be connected to wifi and visible to you through an app on your phone. This way, if you hear someone knock, you don't have to check the door.

You could simply look on your phone to see who is outside. Also, you could check the app to monitor for suspicious activity. If there is suspicious activity, take a screenshot of the surveillance feed and report to your local authorities.


Small, circular, light durable material with adhesive around the camera side to stick to the door(aligned with the peephole). The device would go inside, not out. This device would be connected through wifi and its footage would be viewable through an app.

The camera would be small and occupy the center of the device. The device would only need small circular batteries.

Benefits vs competitors:

There are other types of this device, but on average they cost $100 a piece and do motion sensing, video recording, and many other things. The problem with all those luxuries is that they are not needed for the average person and account for the hefty press.

IDentify(the product name) however, would only need a small camera embedded in a light circular frame that could stick to the inside of a door.

It would also need a little device to connect it to Wifi and a small place for batteries. Because of this, it would be much more cost efficient.

Additionally, the purpose of a peephole is to check who is at your door, whether you want to answer it or not.

IDentify supplements the original purpose of a peephole without complicating the machinery.

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