I Have a Prototype. What Should I Do Next?

by Robert P
(Big Rapids, MI)

I have a fully working game board prototype that my friends, peers and I have been playing for about a year now.

I want to transfer the prototype to be able to play it on the internet, CD or other computer interface. I haven't invested in a patent, just looked on the websites under PTO and Google. It appears to be an original concept.

Because the game subject is well known and patents are expensive, I don't wish to invest the money in a patent yet (at least my own money).

What should I do now?


If this were my product and I felt like it was something that had market potential I would file a provisional patent application.

Filing a provisional patent is not a complicated process, the forms can be downloaded at the USPTO, and costs about $110 for an individual.

Once you have a provisional patent filed you have 1 year to file for your utility patent. Make sure not to go past a year as your provisional will expire after that time.

One year should be enough time to decide if you want to license your idea to a manufacture or sell it yourself.

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