Height Increaser

by Haroon Akhtar
(London, UK)

I have developed a product which has been tried and tested that allows your height to be increased (legs only) without any invasive treatment or procedures, in a very natural manner. Users can expect to see 2-3 inches growth over 1-1.5 years on average. How much you want to increase your height depends on you.

Users I have tested on have achieved height increases from 5:6" to 5:92" and 5:7" to 5:9" respectively over 2 years.

The subjects do not in anyway look disproportionate after their height increase, maybe because shorter people tend to have shorter legs in comparison to their upper bodies.

It is a simple and safe method using modification to everyday equipment and some over the counter supplements (product also works without supplements) to help facilitate/enhance the outcome.

I don not expect any remuneration until this product is tested and results have been achieved. There is definitely no other product like it on the market, so I am naturally expecting measures to be put in place to completely safeguard my invention.

The cost of the product can be built under 150 uk pounds to a professional standard. I made my equipment for under 50 uk pounds at home.

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