Fitness Pong Workout System

by Daniel Rathbun
(San Diego)

I am the head physical fitness instructor for the San Diego Department of Probation's new officer academy.

I have developed a unique workout system that is fun and easy to follow. I have used this system since 2009. I use this system for both Deputy Probation and Correctional Probation Officers who must finish a certain number of hours of physical fitness training to get sworn in.

The program is extremely simple but officers endless variations and an adjustable level of exercise intensity/difficulty. Although the program was developed for adults, it can be used for kids.

The unique color/number systems allows for exercise versatility and makes it fun. The system also makes keeping track of your exercise count easy.

We use a simple set of items that can be purchased at a Walmart. It requires basic preparations.

For marketing purposes, I'd want to package the whole kit together already prepared. It would also be better to sell a sturdier version as the "Walmart" version needs to be replaced from time to time. An instructional DVD would also be included.

The beauty of this is the simplicity and fun factor. It would also be extremely cheap to produce over seas and we could easily sell it for $30-40.

Schools from Grade to high school would buy it. Outdoor fitness boot camps would buy it. Crossfit gyms etc.

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