Fingerprint Unlocking System

by Sherard Fisher
(Delmar, DE, USA)

Product Description

The Fingerprint Unlocking System is a fingerprint identification system, specially designed for motor vehicles, that would allow key less access to a locked car upon proper recognition.

Design Features

• The Fingerprint Unlocking System was invented by Mr. Sherard Fisher with convenience and safety in mind. The Fingerprint Unlocking System is a fingerprint identification system, designed to provide motorists with a simple and effective means of entering their cars should they inadvertently lock the keys inside, saving themselves embarrassment as well as money.

The Fingerprint Unlocking System would consist of a specially designed, pad type device, placed on the car’s door handle, that would scan the owner’s fingerprint, match it with its internal memory, and then automatically unlock the vehicle. This could be made available as an aftermarket device, easily installed on any vehicle, or incorporated into the design of automobiles at point of manufacture.

• Use of the Fingerprint Unlocking System would be very simple and straightforward. Once the motorists notices he/she has locked their keys in the vehicle they would need only to place the appropriate finger on the fingerprint scanner pad. After the scan is complete the door will simply unlocking allowing the user to enter the vehicle.

Advantages & Benefits

• Not only would the quick process of the Fingerprint Unlocking System allow the motorist to retrieve their keys in a matter of seconds, they can also avoid the embarrassment of others seeing that they just committed the self-perceived, bone-head move of locking the keys in the car. Moreover, this device would single handily eliminate the need to call an expensive locksmith, saving the motorist as much as $100.00, if not more. Fully developed and afford-ably priced, a device such as the Fingerprint Unlocking System should be well received by vehicle owners the world over.

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