Exhibitation Guitar Machine

by Ahmed Samir Yousef
(Alexandria, Egypt)

Guitar Machine

Guitar Machine

It helps the player to dance during playing. The guitar weight is not loaded on the players shoulder like the traditional belt and this relaxes the instrumentalist.

The present invention relates to an exhibition guitar machine which is nonelectric machine. It is a thick machine holding the guitar from its back as it is located between the player and the guitar.

Particularly, it is located behind the guitar box and before the player's waist- the other end of the machine is either fixed to special belt which the player wears around his waist or fixed to a holding base which the player stand on.

NOTE: this machine may be used in all kinds of guitars: guitar instruments, mandolin, buzuq, non-thick electric lute(oud) or any other musical instruments which are similar to guitar and which further may be played in a similar manner.

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