by Christy John Biju
(Salmiya, Kuwait)



Hi, my name is Christy John Biju.

My invention is called ‘Electromagnetic Induction Current Generator (EMICG)’. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction proposed by Michael Faraday.

Many countries face the problem for availability or accessibility of current resources. But my invention solves this problem with few disadvantages.

The below are the details of my invention:

The Electromagnetic Induction Current Generator (EMICG) works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, Newton’s fist law of motion (An object continues to be in the state of rest or in uniform motion along a straight line unless an external force acts upon it) and Newton’s third law of motion (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

Materials required:
An electromagnet, a cylindrical coil and a connecting wire made of Buckminsterfullerene with zero resistivity, a cylindrical strong lightweight magnet, two rebounding materials, a cylindrical container made with non-conductive material and storage battery.

Use a strong electromagnet to pull the magnet present in the container down, to give the magnet the force for launch. Then when reached the maximum, disconnect the electromagnet so that the magnet is free to move inside the container with acceleration. The magnet then hits the rebounding material (AB marked in the figure), and this pushes the magnet and the process continues. This magnet, while moving passes through the coil fixed in the container produces current and this current is stored in the storage battery.


1. The container should be made of non-conductive material to prevent short circuiting.

2. The magnet should be lightweight according to the formula: F = ma where a = F/m and a = 1/m
So if the mass of the magnet decreases, its acceleration increases.

3. The container should be made vacuum to prevent friction or air resistance and for the magnet to move continuously according to Newton’s First law.

4. The rebounding material should be highly resistive. i.e. it should have large amount of rebounding force.

5. The wire should have less resistance so that more current passes through it. The best material is Buckminsterfullerene with zero resistivity.

This is just about one device. Many devices connected together produces a large amount of current which is stored in the storage battery and can be used to run various appliances. It can also be useful to you people as it can be installed on roof tops and can be used to run your electrical appliances.

I hope my invention can benefit the world and look forward to responses from many countries.

My name is Christy John Biju.
I am studying in Indian English Academy School, Kuwait in Grade 10
My telephone no: 00965 90904029 / 00965 99559080
My email Id: geodbiju@gmail.com

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