D-Tangle: Be Tangle Free!

by Christina Nicholson
(Nicosia, Cyprus)



D-Tangle is a patented product ready to take on international markets. It is first of its kind hence the international patent we have been granted. D-Tangle is a gadget where users can place their existing sets of earbuds and by the press of a switch automatically unwind them - as simple as that!

D-Tangle was created in order to eliminate the irritating problem of tangled earbuds. What is makes D-Tangle truly unique is its internal spring mechanism which not only is automated but can also accommodate almost every brand of earbuds like the ones of an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Senheizer etc.

D-Tangle also comes with a removable clip feature and is available in five different colors.
We are now ready to supply D-Tangle in retail stores through out the world.

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