Do I Need a Business Plan?

by Kenneth Cameron
(Menifee, California, USA)

I am in a situation that you may have an answer. My background is designing Telescopes for Observatories like the Deimos Telescope in Kick Observatory in Hawaii.

I also designed CNC, Robotics, etc. I have over 30 years in the engineering field. My specialty is to help put companies and products on the map. I designed my production line for minimum cost at high productivity.

My job is cost and marketing analysis. I have the knowledge for the marketing, product line, R&D, product development, etc. I have well over a dozen products to start and there is no end, except the imagination. That is my job, but I need a partner to help steer the ship at the executive administration level.

I am in Start-Up Phase in a new venture to manufacture products for a multibillion $ industry. These are high profit products with minimum competition.

My products are designed for the new compact and hybrid vehicles, as well as the existing models. The market for the pilot product has exceeded million sales per year, for the last six years, and growing.

0.1% of market equals over million $ profit per year. I have the designs, patents, prototype, VIN Numbers, brochures, etc. Location is still open, in a western state and we have over dozen products to develop, including electronics.

The pilot product line is a very unique structurally designed method to transport advertising, motorcycles and other sports, general flatbed, etc. The structure is not used in the industry and is stronger and lighter.

These products also transforms in to a compact unit that can fit on the kitchen counter, as well as in a vehicle, with NO loose parts to lose and NO tools required.

Now, in your experience, where can I find a partner for this manufacturing venture to help me steer this vessel in to an enterprise with multiple DBA’s?

Kenneth Cameron
(951) 301-8912
(951) 345-8608 Cell

Menifee, Riverside County, California, USA


The scope of your ambitions requires a business plan to get the kind of funding you will require. Developing a production line in the US is very expensive. Your prospect partner will need deep pockets and before they decide to invest, you will need to lay out all of the details of your plans.

Once you have a detailed business plan, I would suggest presenting it to angel investors in your area. Doing an online search and some networking can help you get in front of the people you are looking for.

Another alternative is a venture crowdfunding site such as Micro Ventures:

You can apply for a listing if you meet their criteria. If accepted, investors will fund your idea.

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