ChristWreath Christmas Cross - The New Christmas Symbol

by Kevin Austin
(Ft Pierce,Fl.)

ChristWreath Cross Centerpiece

ChristWreath Cross Centerpiece

The ChristWreath Christmas Cross, the New Christmas Symbol, brings together the Cross,the universal symbol of Christ and the Christmas wreath.

The Christwreath Christmas Cross affirms the true meaning of Christmas,the birth of the ChristChild. It supports Christian Pride and Religious Freedom.

The plastic ChristWreath is 10 inches high. We have a Design Patent,Trademark & Copyright for the ChristWreath.

It is used as a treetop symbol for your Christmas tree,the center of a table centerpiece or mantle, and for the center of your round wreath for your front door.

Our market will be the 230,000,000 Christians in the USA to be a response to secularism and their WAR on Christmas. This is our KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS initiative.

A plastic injection molding company indicates the cost per cross would approximate .90 cents
Each year new styles of the ChristWreath can be introduced...additional sizes,colors,tree ornaments etc.

At Christmas there are no major Christmas symbols. We see Rudolph,Frosty and Santa, but nothing signifying Jesus. We now have the ChristWreath.

At Easter an Easter ChristWreath Cross can be introduced and our only competition is the Easter bunny.

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