Chick in a Basket, the Easter Bunny on the Shelf along with Good Deeds

by Kim Detherage
(Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Chick in a Basket

Chick in a Basket

Introducing Chick in a Basket, "The Easter Bunny on the Shelf" which incorporates Good Deeds. It teaches children responsibility and kindness and is an annual adventure that parents and children will look forward to every year at Easter time.

Chick is actually a secret agent which is a bunny. He is sent by the Easter Bunny a dozen days before Easter to hide the golden egg with the Good Deed in it each night for the children to find.
Essentially Agent Chick sends the kids on a secret mission to find the egg every day and at the end of the dozen days he will let the Easter Bunny know if they have completed their mission.

The package includes a stuffed bunny, “Chick in a Basket” book, Magical Golden Egg, a manila marked “Mission Classified” containing: Secret Agent badges, calendar, 20 preprint Golden Deeds and 10 blank ones in a Top Secret Basketcase.

Agent Chick is Gray. He is 6" tall x approximately 3" wide. He has brown eyes and hair. His hat and jacket are removeable.

The book is 9" x 6" and is a paperback.

The Top Secret Basketcase that everything is stored in is 10" wide x 6" deep x 8" tall.

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