Catch-Me (a behavioral skills app)

by Debra Shawver
(Bellingham, WA USA)

screen visual

screen visual

I’ve been in mental health for well over 25 years, and private practice since 2005. I would with teens and adults on telehealth and in-person doing individual therapy.

I use an integrated approach including strengths, CBT, DBT, solutions-focused, attachment-based, and family systems. I have always done my own billing and office management. I have maintained full caseloads since opening my first practice in 2005.

My clients keep coming back, even after breaks of substantial time. Some clients are eager to solve specific issues and move on, and others count on therapy as a consistent part of their well-being. I have facilitated groups and worked with families and couples, but the majority of my work is individual therapy. Catch-Me is an app I am working on and I am seeking funding for development. This app will be a huge benefit for teens and in the future adults as well.

It will help the user with areas they identify as target goals around communicating assertively, mood management, and building positive habits. The unique feature Catch-me will have is the ability to learn the user and notify them when they are engaging in problem behaviors that the keyboard can detect.

Many people can not access a therapist or are reluctant to engage in counseling. This has been much worse even since COVID-19. There is a mental health crisis in our world, and teens are tipping the scale of risk of all ages. There are not enough providers to meet the needs of people.
Catch-me can provide in-the-moment skills and resources for people of all ages at any time.

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