Building A Prototype

by Lisa

I need to find someone who can build a prototype, how do I get started? I have a great idea for busy mothers.


How you go about building a prototype depends on the complexity of the invention and what you intend to do with it.

If the invention is simple and you are trying to determine if it works the way you think that it should you could try building it yourself.

If your idea is more complex or you need a model to show to investors you will want to get some help.

A low cost and often overlooked solution is to visit a local trade school and get some help from the students and teachers. Schools and universities are excellent inexpensive resources that rarely get used. I once had a 200 page industry research report done by 4 MBA students for free. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Another option is to work with a rapid prototyping company to get a model made. These companies can make models of all types in every material imaginable.

The final option is a full service product development or industrial design company. These companies can do it all from designing your product to delivering fully realistic and working pre production models.

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