Automatic Car Door Window Washer

by Troy Byears & Chris Rohrbacher

The automatic car door window washer saves times and would come already installed inside your car.

It works by you rolling down your window and pressing a little button that says CLEAN WINDOWS and the cleaning tools inside the door cleans the windows and the access liquid drains out of the bottom of the door.

Now I know you're thinking what about in the winter time? Well there will be little spray nozzles like on the hood of your car, then a squeegy comes up and cleans the windows.

The clean liquid is simple. It would be the same cleaning agent that you use to clean your front windshield or basic household WINDEX. You put the agent under the hood of the car in a container that says window washer fluid. I believe this invention would help alot of people espicially the eldery who are dependent on others.

Chris R. & Troy B.Inventions

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