by Montrail Vercher
(Mojave, CA., 93501 USA)

An in-ground fire retardant sprayer system.
Placed on the edge of property 5ft apart, smoke triggered, controlled box from inside structure.

Once triggered by smoke system can be disarmed if controlled fire or false alarm by remote, cellphone or code from pad, if fire isn't contained system will set and timer begins and system will trigger pumps to release the retardant through the sprinklers to douse the property with a special retardant to saturate the property with the fluids preventing an uncontrolled fire from spreading vastly onto property.

Our system is currently seeking a fertilizer type of retardant that will not harm vegetation but helps the health and growth of fruits and vegetables.

Our product will consists of a metal cup with a solid metal lid that is strong enough to with-stand the weight of a full size firetruck.

Our system can also be altered for a regular lawn sprinkler with the same material to prevent breakage and add custom to the yard with a custom lid of almost any brand or name by order.

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