Alert Alarm

by Yasmin Green
(Melbourne, Australia)

I have a new idea on paper. I know it will be a hit. It will keep children, teenagers and even adults safe when out. Toddlers safe in shopping centers, airports and even just out walking.

My problem is I have zero finance. How do I get someone to purchase my idea and take it over? I know it will work, just need someone who has the finances to take it to the next step and beyond. I can see this making millions worldwide.

Are you able to help me?

Kind regards,

Yasmin Green


Thanks for the question Yasmin. This is the most common question that we get at InventionPartner. People come up with a great idea but they don't have the money to bring it to market.

The truth is that ideas are not worth much if anything at all. The world offers them up in the form of problems that need to be solved and they are free for everyone.

The real value of an idea is in its execution. You must build it or make it to show the world its value.

To answer your question more directly, I do not know of any person or company that will pay for an idea on a piece of paper from a person they do not know.

That is not say that it has not happened before, it has. People have sold ideas from a sheet of paper, I have done it myself.

The only way to do this however is for the purchasing party to believe that they can make money from the idea.

One way to accomplish this is to have experience in the industry that your idea comes from. Another is to have successfully brought products to market in the past. Finally, if the person knows you they may invest in you.

If you have no money and want your idea to succeed, I suggest starting with a prototype. Prove that the idea works and you could have a willing market of buyers that will invest in your idea.

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