ADAPTEES Adaptive undershirt tees

by Anton Anderson
(Indianapolis, Indiana; USA)

Undershirt Tee Combination

Undershirt Tee Combination

An undershirt tee product combination that produces real solutions to real everyday dressing/ undressing problems of men (and women) who are elderly/seniors; Suffer from bone, muscle, and nervous system medical conditions, or those that experience pain and discomfort after strenuous workout routines in which raising the arms above the head or bending of the neck oftentimes require assistance.

Undershirt tees for all, ADAPTEES (unlike ordinary undershirts that require raising the arms above the head and bending of the neck, or traditional adaptive tee shirts with buttons, zippers and Velcro fasteners located in hard or impossible to self reach locations) are the first and only undershirt tee product and brand that features a patent pending, full front open and close "break away" design function that provides:

* Easy on / easy off dress/undress maneuvering.

* Provides the freedom, dignity and ability to dress and undress oneself without pain or assistance.

* Gives medical professionals quick and easy access to chest and stomach regions in time of need.

* Frees caregivers from excessive amounts of time with any one patient, resident, client or loved one.

* Can be worn as a undershirt or warm weather t-shirt.

* Gives all men the freedom, dignity and ability to "cool down" in warm weather heat - stylishly and respectfully - without removing or walking in public shirtless.

ADAPTEES are manufactured with 100% premium organic jersey cotton for soft comfort during winter and warm weather months

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