2 Piece Tooth Brush

by subramanian kumar

2 Piece Tooth Brush

2 Piece Tooth Brush

We know very well,that a tooth brush is very important to clean our teeth,daily. We also need to change our toothbrush after depreciation.

Here, I want to suggest, FMCG companies or any one of toothbrush manufacturing companies,to produce a tooth brush in 2 portions.

One is head(brush) portion and the other one is the handle portion. The reason is that the handle portion never gets damaged and need not change.

The head(brush) portion only will be changed often by consumers,depends upon their use. Finally any consumer that wants to change their brush can purchase a new head (brush). The cost will then be reduced. Any one of FMCG company may try for this.

- mr.subramanian kumar, sivadhanusu@yahoo.com,+91 9176096946,+91 9176096866.

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